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How would you describe your style?

Our films are most accurately described as cinematic: Our color grading, slow motion shots, and circling and sliding camera movements allow your story to come alive, with an emphasis on emotion, little details, and unique aspects of your relationship. Along with visuals, we incorporate music that sets a tone of special significance. The overall tone of the whole (visuals + audio + music) is sophisticated and inspirational.

What do you focus on when crafting wedding films?

For your special day, our films intentionally share more than just the happenings, but the meaningfulness of the moments: our “focus” when crafting films is driven by what makes the locations, decorations, vows, toasts, and guests so significant. Instead of just filming your wedding, then, we aspire to capture share the WHY of your relationship and wedding, as well. Finding and sharing your WHY is our overarching goal when preparing, filming, and editing your wedding story.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing is a la carte, meaning that you can customize your package to fit your vision. For example, you may want a longer highlights films (so many special moments can be shared with family and friends); while also wanting to have every word from your vows and toasts (which can be found in the Footage Compilation Film). Separate options allow the greatest customization—and we can add features to packages, upon request.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

cancellations are very rare with our clients; but we have had a couple weddings change after our client booked us. In the case of rescheduling, we do everything we can to reschedule ourselves to be available for the new date; in the case of full cancellation, we deliver any payments beyond the booking deposit. Each package requires a 1/3 booking deposit; but anything beyond that amount is returned in the case of cancellation. The booking deposit ensures we are committed to our client’s date, and ensures our clients are committed to our creative work for their wedding.

Can we meet prior to the wedding?

Meeting in advance is possible, especially when a wedding will involve many moving parts. Most client meetings occur close to Las vegas; and we often schedule calls to meet and discuss options for clients who live farther away. That said, we actively ensure we have every important detail covered well in advance of the Big Day—and we ensure this through local meetings, phone calls, text messages, thorough questionnaires, and follow-ups.

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Do you travel to multiple locations?

Yes, we travel to multiple locations, and plan our timeline according to your vision and the travel time required. If, for example, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are getting ready in different places, we schedule our time to capture the best of both. It is common, of course, for a ceremony and reception to be different places. If your wedding includes multiple locations, let us know, and we will plan our timeline accordingly!

How long will you be on-location?

The average on-location timeframe includes eight hours, which is normally enough to capture getting ready final touches, as well as the reception. Packages vary in length, as noted in the package details. In cases of longer days, we offer additional hours on-location for $100/hr. for solo packages and $200/hr. when working as a team. Let us know your tentative schedule, and we will plan a timeline that includes each moment for the most memorable captures!

Do you work with an assistant?

That depends on the package you select. Shooting solo which means more space on-location for your family and friends—but only certain packages allow us to shoot without assistants. During the ceremony, dances, and toasts, we use multiple cameras, both in-hand and on-tripod, which allow multiple, simultaneous views to be shown in our edited films. With Film + Photo packages, assistants are always included in the package.

How well do you work with other vendors?

Really well. Every great vendor seeks to serve the client with upmost respect and excellence—and that can only be accomplished by treating everyone involved with the highest levels of respect. Our founder is a decorated Eagle Scout, and we apply tenets of the Scout Law, including Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, and Kind to every encounter we have. All this said, we are intentional with every vendor interaction, making sure that we coordinate our positions and needs (if it all possible)—especially for important moments, such as during the ceremony, toasts, and cake cutting.

Which parts of the wedding to you capture?

The length of time on-location varies by the package selected, and if any additional time is added. Packages range from 6 to 10 hours, and time can be added beyond that range on an hourly basis—if shot solo, additional hours are $100/hr. and if shot as a team, additional hours are $200/hr.

How many filmmakers/photographers will be present?

The number of artists present depends on the package. Solo packages include one filmmaker or photographer, while team packages include at least one assistant. Combined Film + Photo packages include one film assistant and one photo assistant. Also, the complexity of a unique package, for instance, may require additional assistance. Ultimately, though, our goal is to produce the highest quality work with the fewest distractions possible—especially during quiet, intimate moments like the ceremony.

Do you use additional lighting during the reception?

Yes, most of the time. The very best filmography comes from proper lighting, and the very best photography comes from off-camera flash. Both require a certain level of lighting, which makes skin tones excellent, and ensures digital clarity without much “grain”. That said, our lighting methods have been used for all the weddings we have produced, and we have never had an issue regarding our lighting set-up. We are as subtle as possible, and balance the need to have quality, work, with the environmental ambiance you have planned with your wedding coordinator, venue, and even, possibly your DJ (up-lighting and beyond).

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When will the film(s) be delivered?

Every contract specifies a timeline for delivery. In most cases, all films will be delivered within six weeks from your wedding; however, we work to deliver films earlier than their contract specifies, and will remain in touch following your wedding, to let you know how our work is coming along. Also, feel free to contact us any time with questions, before or after your Big Day!

How do you choose music for the film(s)?

Once the footage cuts are complete, we find music that aligns well with the tone and theme of the wedding. Beyond this, too, we look for music that will best take into consideration your themes of the wedding, while also heightening the emotions surrounding audio captured throughout the wedding day.

Does a Highlights Film use dialogue, or music, alone?

Highlights Films are created to share a couple’s unique story. That said, every Film is different, just as every couple is different. The overarching goal, then, when capturing and crafting our Highlights Films, revolves around the need to share a genuine portrait of the wedding, including any words that speak to the couple’s story. To this end, we strive to include the highest quality audio that helps tell the story—and most always have plenty of audio from the ceremony and toasts to weave a beautiful, compelling story into a 7-minute Highlights Film. Even if we have far more audio than this, we work to carefully select the very best audio moments, and make sure to include every moment in the Footage Compilation for clients who include that add-on in their contract.

How is the final work delivered?

The final work will be delivered via online Wix album or Google Drive—allowing availability anywhere with an internet connection, and easy sharing via social media and beyond.

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Which video equipment do you use?

Our primary camera is the Canon 1DX Mk II—which offers stellar colors, high frame rates, and slow motion 4K. Most weddings include three or more cameras, which allows us to capture the bride, the groom, and various other angles at any given time. We use top-tier Canon L-series lenses, 4K drones, and up to four pro audio sources at any given time, especially during the ceremony. During the reception, we work with your DJ to have one or two clean audio sources directly from the soundboard, and often have a few more audio sources from the cameras, as well. Please send any specific equipment questions!

Which photo equipment do you use?

Our primary photography cameras are Canon 5D Mk IV’s—which offers dual-card memory and beautiful colors and image sizes—and we always have multiple backups and focal lengths. We use top-tier lenses (1.2/f L-series for portraits and intimate zoom lenses for distance shots), offering stunning, portrait and close-up abilities.

Does film music include distribution rights?

Music included in your Highlights Film always comes with a legal license for distribution—meaning you have the legal ability to share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your personal website, and beyond. Ambient audio (i.e., music played during your reception and captured in live footage) may not have the same level of distributive rights; however, films created for social sharing will be cleared for that distribution through the music license subscriptions we hold.

Do you carry film + photo insurance?

Yes. We carry Film + Photo equipment insurance—making sure that we are covered, as well as the venue, in the unlikely case anything happens during the capture process. Moreover, many of the best venues require proof of such insurance, and we are ready to send information about our policy, upon request.

Will wedding details be put in writing?

Yes, all major details will be included within the written contract, made available via the client portal, and shared as part of the official quote process. As soon as a client is ready to book our services, an “official quote package” will be sent to the client to review, and any details that need revision will be adjusted prior to booking. Upon booking, client will have access to a password-protected, personal portal, which contains the quote details, contract, and balance schedule information.

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